Wasting time & energy to curate UPSC material? We Can Help

Helppr is an artificial intelligence powered platform to automatically collate & organise all your UPSC study material - without any hassle.

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Study with Peace

Helppr is both vastly functional and extremely simple.

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Specially designed for aspirants who believe in self preparation #StudySmarter

Want to Prepare Smarter?

We are giving our first 50 verified users lifetime free access to Helppr

Well there is more!

Helppr brings you a dream-come true solution to better prepare without burning money for coaching

  • RSS Telegram Feeds

    Just add telegram channel you follow, and Helppr will automatically curate material and arrange them in respective folder.

  • Quick Highlights

    Helppr generates quick summaries of documents you upload so that with a glance you can decide whether it is worthy your time or not.

  • Listen when you like

    Helppr's text to audio functionality makes it even easier for you to revise your notes and material with just a click.

  • Translate in your own Language

    Simply convert any material to your own comforting langauge for better understanding.

  • Active Learning

    Helppr automatically gets you suprise quizzes and previous UPSC paper questions while you read your material on Helppr portal to prepare you better. Learn-measure-learn.

  • Build a study peer group

    Nothing works well than having a study peer group to exchange notes and material - get doubts cleared by not only experts but also by your peer group.

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We are giving our first 50 verified users lifetime free access to Helppr.

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