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Simplify complex sentences.

Helppr does an excellent job at simplifying complex sentences and decoding jargons so that it is easier for anyone to read and comprehend.

Simplify complex sentence


Helppr generates summaries on the fly for verbose content enabling users to quickly decide whether the content is worthy or not.

Multimedia support.

Fetch relevant multimedia content for concepts and keyword while surfing the web, in the same tab

Multimedia support
All in one

All in one.

Helppr clubs relevant pieces of information into one single page which you can refer anytime to build and learn about your knowledge graph.

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Carrying Out Research

Carrying Out Research

Be it your office or personal research, Helppr will save you hours of time doing it the smart way.

Curated Daily Digest

Curated Daily Digest

Don't have time to read all? - just archive articles and read helppr generated summary later.

Simplifying Readings

Reading e-books

Complete reading your next e-book with Helppr to understand with instant clarity and finish on time.

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